1. Introduction

Singapore's water sources originates from 4 main water taps, and one of them are the 17 reservoirs located around Singapore. Pollution is classified as the "introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change". The fact that Singapore relies on these 17 reservoirs to sustain the country's water needs shows that the water quality in these reservoirs need to be in tip top shape and that pollutants in these waters can affect the cost needed to filter the water to make it for human use.

The land use is a factor to the amount of pollutants being released into the canal, which in turn leads into the reservoir. A factory could produce more waste pollutants compared to a housing estate. This in turn could increase the amount of pollutants in that regions of the canal. We decided to pick Sugei Ulu Pandan Canal & Reservoir as our testing site as it is the nearest for us, and we know what are the types of land use around. We have picked out specific hotspots to collect water to test for specific factors such as turbidity, temperature & dissolved oxygen.

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